How to Turn a Job into Wealth

With knowledge and a touch of discipline anyone can turn a job into financial security and eventually financial freedom. Here are the basic steps:

  1. Obtain a skill based education at the best possible value.
  2. Avoid debt like the plague.
  3. Invest a significant portion of your income as early as possible.
  4. Demonstrate exceptional professional reliability.
  5. Enjoy your life free of financial stress.

The decisions we make regarding money depend on our values. Do we prefer to buy things, buy experiences, make investments, or make donations? There is no correct answer as to how we balance our use of money. It is simply an individual decision we each must make.

Those who must establish themselves financially without parental assistance face tremendous challenges. Nevertheless, there is a path to a life free of financial stress if financial security is chosen as a priority.

About the author: Jonathan Thompson
I enjoy hanging out with my family, taking care of patients, hitting a trail, and drinking a good cup of coffee.


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