Reliability is the primary characteristic that will guarantee success in the job market over time. It is the attribute that distinguishes a small portion of employees from their peers and is the key to unlock the door of professional opportunity in any career.

One of the most significant challenges managers face is distracted, tardy, or absent employees. Another is high turnover of employees. The cost is enormous. Anyone can have a significant impact on the performance of an organization simply by creating a perfect record of attendance, arriving to work early, and staying on task at work. In fact, these qualities are so uncommon that any worker with the discipline to maintain this level of reliability will tower above his or her peers in the workplace.

Another slightly more mature aspect of reliability is supporting the goals of an organization and placing the needs of the organization above our own personal concerns. The hallmark of this level of maturity are flexibility and a positive attitude.

Even as individual employees, we can think of ourselves as a business. We can consider our employer to be our customer. The goal should be to deliver a reliable service to our customer and give them the best value for their money. In the process, we create a professional reputation that serves as a solid foundation to build a career.

Reliability in the workplace results in a reliable income stream. Early in life, a reliable income stream combined with aggressive savings is the basis of achieving financial security.

About the author: Jonathan Thompson
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