When Young and Poor, Be Young and Poor

It often takes time in life to develop a sense of purpose. There are two questions I have heard that help achieve some clarity. “What would I do if money were no object?” And “what would I do if I knew I wouldn’t fail?” As we begin our adult life much of our attention is often spent just figuring out how we will get money. Unfortunately, for many, this pattern never ends.

As an adult, seemingly out of necessity, debt becomes a normal, expected part of life. The need to pay bills becomes the driver of our work. I believe it is the lack of choice regarding work rather than the nature of work itself that creates the drudgery so many experience. When viewed as a means of serving others rather than a necessity to pay the bills the relationship we have with work completely changes.

Some people are simply ready to begin their lives as adults. Debt is a means to do this sooner than you may otherwise be able to. Some may understand the cost and accept the cost. However, there is another path that is at least worth considering. This path involves accepting the limits of your purchasing power while starting out. Rather than going in debt when you are young and poor, just be young and poor. The payoff is the freedom and choice that comes just a little later in life. Rather than the drudgery of work you experience the joy of vocation and live on your own terms rather than the terms of others.

About the author: Jonathan Thompson
I enjoy hanging out with my family, taking care of patients, hitting a trail, and drinking a good cup of coffee.


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